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About Me

Eat, Train, Rest, Repeat.

My name is Vetri. I am a 3 year old, black and tan, working line German Shepherd dog. I am extremely friendly towards hoomans, dogs , cats and all living creatures. I am very playful and love to chase. My favorite toy is my wind ball, I like it because it has a chewy texture and does not get destroyed by my sharp teeth so easily. When it comes to food I am quite picky and generally prefer only non vegetarian food.  Just because I am very well trained doesn't mean that I don't fool around at times. Having said that I am well behaved most of the time and try to be the best possible version of myself always!

Vetri the german shepherd dog life
A dogs journey by vetri the german shepherd dog model
Vetri the German shepherd dog's life story

My Story

I was born on November 12th, 2019 along with my six other siblings whose whereabouts I have no clue of but I still do have a vague idea of the scent of some of them. A month later on December 19th was when I met my hoomans who soon became my family and are very dear to me as my world revolves around them.

Growing up, specially during lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic wasn't easy as I could not visit the park to train everyday but nevertheless I stuck to my daily routine and did whatever I could while I was at home. I was about a year old when the lockdown was lifted and ever since I have made a lot of beautiful memories by travelling to new cities and places as I love to go on long drives and meet new people. Please click here to witness some of my  amazing adventures in the past 3 years. I have also taken part in many dog events and always never failed to entertain the crowd with my awesome tricks.

Currently I am trying to put whatever I have learnt to good use and give back whatever I can to the society and for the betterment of my kind.

My Life For The Past 3 Years

1st Year - Growing Up.

2nd Year 

3rd Year 

Meet My Hooman

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